How To Travel On A Budget

Vacations are usually assumed to be a costly luxury only afforded by the wealthy. Though the idea of going on vacation can seem like an unobtainable fantasy, we are here to debunk that myth once and for all!

Establishing a budget for your vacation is the first step to successfully planning a trip within your means. It can be as easy as saving a little bit of money each month!

Take your aeroplan and air miles points into account. If you have been saving points for a while, a little can go a long way to help save money for your flight.

If you are able to travel internationally, take advantage of the varying international costs of living. Some countries have lower costs of living, which is ideal when planning a vacation on a tight budget.

We advise that you avoid using cash advances when planning a vacation, and stick to cash or atm services which can save you significant amounts of money while traveling. You can also submit an application for a fast loan without a credit check to help in paying your living costs while traveling!

Start planning your vacation budget using our handy infographic:

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